Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Come on Feminists

Everyone should know this picture by now. It is the wedding photo of Meriam Ibrahim, a Muslim woman who married a Christian man. For that, her sentence is jail along with her son. And she gave birth to a baby daughter last week, in jail, while shackled to her bed. Her 20 month old son is with her in the cell.

Once the baby is weaned, the Sudanese government said that Meriam will be given 100 lashes and then hanged, for apostasy. This is the punishment for adultery and abandoning the Muslim faith.

Here is a picture of Meriam with her new born daughter, born last week, in the jail cell.

There are efforts around the world to get Meriam freed. Her husband is a US citizen, and as his wife, she should be released to the US along with her children.

President Obama has said nothing on this issue, although he has been asked to intervene. I guess he is too busy welcoming home the soldier who defected from the troops in Afghanistan five years ago and has been held hostage by the Taliban since then. Over the past weekend, Obama traded him for the top five Taliban prisoners held in Guantanomo prison.

It seems that a woman in jail with her two children just isn't as important.

Where are the feminists on this issue? When it comes to the rights of women in the Muslim world, we never hear from them. They only defend freedom when it can be done in the safe environment of the Judaeo-Christian world.

A brave woman, with her two children, in a jail in Sudan


Patricia Maloney said...

Julie why don't you contact Stephen Harper and DFATD (the old CIDA)? Sudan is one of the five countries that CIDA funded to IPPF with the $6 million. Why is Canada funding a country that does this to its citizens? And I would guess we fund Sudan in other programs as well. We should withhold funding until these atrocities are stopped.

Julie Culshaw said...

Thanks Patricia, I have done this on your suggestion.