Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Waiting for a Statement from the Bishops

Will the Canadian Conference of bishops make a statement in response to Justin Trudeau?  It would seem that they should because Trudeau claims to be a practising Catholic. Last week, Trudeau stated that anyone considering a run as a Liberal nominee for Parliament must be in accord with the pro-choice position of the party. This is the first time that anyone has said the Liberals are unilaterally pro-choice.

Trudeau has said that sitting members of the legislature who are pro-life will be considered exempt, but does that mean they can stand for re-election?  Or do they have to adopt the pro-choice mandate that Trudeau has declared to be the Liberal position.

Included in his statement is the declaration that Liberals must also support same-sex marriage. Trudeau's logic is that both abortion and same-sex marriage are legal in the land; therefore any member of Parliament must support what has been ruled by the Supreme Court.

So bury your conscience if you vote Liberal. You have no other choice. And you can't vote NDP either if you hold Christian values.

There isn't much left, since the Conservative party, while allowing their members to hold traditional Christian values, has stated that they will not re-open the debate on abortion. And same sex marriage, well they don't go there either.

What choice do you have left in Canada if you believe that both of these laws are wrong?  The Christian Heritage Party is a viable alternative, but in my riding there isn't a candidate running for that party.

I don't believe in not voting, because if you don't vote, you forfeit your voice in who governs you to someone else who does vote. And don't complain about things if you don't even vote to express your will.

As for the debate being quashed, perhaps that will change as Nikki Ashton of the New Democratic Party has put forward a motion to declare that women in Canada have a right to abortion. For her to have done this, they must be feeling a threat from the pro-life movement. Otherwise, why would she feel the need to protect what is already legal?  There must be some inkling of a challenge on the horizon.

This is a perfect time for the Catholic bishops to proclaim clearly that abortion is not a right, that the Church upholds the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. And then they should be prepared for the fallout, from all the liberal Catholics who think it is perfectly fine to separate your personal beliefs from politics.

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