Monday, May 26, 2014

The Gift of Writing

Yesterday a friend told me that she was writing a book. I was skeptical. Everyone seems to be writing a book these days, and I wondered what could someone have to say that would fill a book?

I asked her what the book was to be about. And she gave me a surprising answer. I was expecting to hear "a memoir" or "the story of my life"; instead she simply said "forgiveness".  I was taken aback. And was immediately drawn to encourage her in this.

I know a little of this woman's story. Not nearly enough, but the bare bones of how her husband, a respected minister, cheated on her and brought about the end of their marriage. And a few years ago, she wrote in The Atlantic Catholic, about her experience of how that had led her to return to the Catholic Church, how to forgive her husband, and most crucial of all, how she now felt wed to Christ.
Her story is one of personal redemption from an incredibly painful situation into a place where she feels the presence of God pretty much all the time.

This book will probably take quite a while to write because she is a perfectionist. There will not be one single spelling error or grammar mistake and wrong use of punctuation in it. I look forward to reading it, because it will be well written but mostly because it will be such a personal revelation of how God has healed her and set her free.

She told me that she had been advised to begin blogging and I encouraged her to do that. Blogging, if nothing else, will make her known amongst a circle of potential readers. The networking that blogging provides is quite amazing, given that it requires so little financial outlay (none if you wish). 

I told her about Jennifer Fulwiler and her newly published book, and suggested she get in touch with Jennifer to connect with a publisher. And I hope that she will also find the vastly diverse world of Christian female bloggers who share their life journeys with any who wish to read them.

For those of you who are blogging already, please keep it up. You never know whom you may touch with your words. There are stories that need to be told and there are people looking for those stories of personal experience, of discovery, of healing, of spiritual growth. While your blogging entries may seem simple and mundane to you, you don't know how it may touch someone somewhere and give them that hope and encouragement they need to live their Christian calling.

Not all bloggers will end up writing books, but some will. And blogging provides the perfect practise of frequent writing that is required to hone your skill. And if you never publish anything other than your blog, take heart that someone reads it (they rarely tell you) and it will warm their heart. You are doing a great service for others when you blog in sincerity; even if you never hear anything back that is affirming, know that you are lighting candles in a world that is so very dark. 


Patricia Maloney said...

What a beautiful story Julie, thanks for posting this. And let us know when your friend's book is published.

Julie Culshaw said...

Most definitely, Patricia, I will do that. And once she has her blog up and running, I will link to that as well.