Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thank You Cardinal Collins

Cardinal Tom Collins of Toronto has written a letter to Justin Trudeau.  Thank you, Cardinal.

“It is worth noting that if Pope Francis, as a young man, instead of seeking to serve in the priesthood in Argentina, had moved to Canada and sought to serve in the noble vocation of politics, he would have been ineligible to be a candidate for your party, if your policy were in effect,” Collins wrote.
 “Political leaders surely have the right to insist on party unity and discipline in political matters which are within the legitimate scope of their authority. But that political authority is not limitless: it does not extend to matters of conscience and religious faith. It does not govern all aspects of life,” Collins wrote.

This is pretty basic stuff that anyone should be able to understand. Let's hope that Justin Trudeau will comprehend this letter, but I am willing to bet that he will choose wilful blindness when it comes to the Cardinal's statements. 

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