Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Brunswick politicians dare to oppose the pro-choice lobby

A refreshing story out of New Brunswick, where there has been a lobby to provide government funding to the Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton. The clinic is slated to close this summer due to lack of sufficient funds. And the cry went up that the clinic should be supported by tax dollars to continue to provide abortions to women who use its services.

At the recent March for Life in Fredericton, 800 people showed up - twice the number of last year's March. And 24 of those were MLAs who came out to oppose federal funding for abortion at the clinic. That is almost half the legislature (55 MLAs in total).

What a great surprise to see politicians actually step up on this issue and dare to voice their position which is in opposition to the pro-abortion lobby.

I was in Fredericton a few years ago for their March for Life and was pleased to see about 300 people turn out for the rally and then walk to the pregnancy crisis centre to hold a prayer vigil. The centre is immediately adjacent to the Morgentaler clinic. There was a real sense of solidarity amongst those present and the protesters were few and rather quiet.

I would hope that this spirit extends beyond the province's borders, especially in to Nova Scotia which is apathetic on this issue. We can barely get 100 people out to our rally, and this year there was not one single clergy present at the March for Life.

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