Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dr. Day Gardner speaking on abortion in Halifax

Jeff Lutes from CJLU FM radio has put this video on YouTube. It is a talk given last Wednesday evening in Halifax, by Dr. Day Gardner. Dr. Gardner is the president of The National Black Pro-Life Union.  An interesting bit of personal information is that Dr. Gardner was also the first black woman to place amongst the semi-finalists in the Miss America contest, and she was also Miss Atlanta Georgia in 1974. Brains and looks are a winning combination when you want to speak against abortion.

She spoke of the vast extent of abortion in the US amongst black and Hispanic women. Although they form only a percentage of the population, they are having the most abortions per capita. One of  the key reasons for this is that Planned Parenthood targets the minority population, by putting their clinics in minority neighbourhoods. They know that women experiencing financial difficulties, experiencing relationship instability will be much more likely to seek an abortion to solve an unplanned pregnancy.

Kudos to Jeff Lutes who has always been front and center on this issue. He is one of the very few Christian ministers who is willing to speak about the scourge of abortion and he promotes Canadian pro-life efforts every chance he gets.

If you don't know much about the American abortion scene, Dr. Gardner's talk will give you a brief overview of the recent Kermit Gosnell trial and the extent of abortion within the US.

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