Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Banning Trinity Western law graduates

Two Canadian law societies – secretive committees of lawyers in each province – have decided to blacklist all students from a Christian law school in B.C. called Trinity Western University (TWU), because of that school’s Christian student code of conduct.
 None of those students – no matter how smart, no matter how hard-working, no matter how honest – will be allowed to practice law.
 It’s anti-Christian bigotry that would be unthinkable if it targeted Black, Jewish, Muslim or gay students.

The reason that BC and NS have banned students from Trinity Western Law School from practising in their provinces is because the Trinity students sign a covenant that says they commit to the Christian teaching of sexual abstinence until in a marriage, between one man and one woman.

So therefore, this action is an action against those who support traditional marriage. It is not as if these new lawyers are out to overturn the law of Canada, which legalized same-sex marriage in 2005, but they are perceived as bigots by those who are same-sex marriage supporters.

Who will be banned next? Christians are being marginalized in our society. They are being punished through rejection in the work force, through parenting their children according to their Christian values, through declining to accept any business contract that would endorse same-sex marriage.

There are plenty of other lawyers to whom one can go, in fact we are overrun with lawyers in Canada. Try finding a new GP, on the other hand, but lawyers are numerous.

Sign the petition at this website and show your support for those law students who wish to practise their Christian beliefs while practising their profession as well.


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