Friday, May 9, 2014

Avoid the truth about abortion at all costs

I heard an interesting story today. The woman talking with me told me about her daughter who is a grade 12 student at a local high school. The students were asked to begin a discussion in class, one that would elicit a lot of responses. The more discussion, the more active that discussion, the more points that student would get for initiating the discussion.

Yes, you guessed it. This woman's daughter decided her topic was going to be abortion. Her mother cautioned her that it might get rather animated, was she sure she wanted to start this in school?  Her daughter was unafraid.

And yes, she began the discussion. It reached the point that some students were so involved in the topic that they stood on their chairs to speak to the class, using the added height to make sure their remarks were noticed. And what were they saying?

Almost all of the students claimed that there is no life in the womb. That is not a human being in there. In fact, one student said that the "baby" or "fetus" or "organism" was not a human being until it had a voice to speak.

At that point, the teacher could not restrain herself. She asked the class:

Are you saying that a baby of six months old, who is being sexually assaulted, has no rights?

An incredible discussion. What becomes clear is that these students, many of whom have had abortions or have been complicit in an abortion, have to defend their position by claiming that this being that is destroyed in an abortion is simply not human.

This is the safe position. If they can convince themselves that no being is destroyed in an abortion, they are off the hook. If they admit that a human being is destroyed in an abortion, then they will have to face the horrific truth that they have killed a human being or have assisted someone else to do that.

No wonder they shout and scream and can't listen to the biological facts. The truth is too terrible to face.

But the truth has a way of asserting itself. Time is running out for the pro-choice side.

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