Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashamed of the Gospel?

 What was once normative is now regarded as heretical — the moral and cultural equivalent of treason.  And so, here we are. You see, for us, as for our faithful Evangelical friends, it is now Good Friday.  The memory of Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem has faded.  Yes, he had been greeted — and not long ago — by throngs of people waving palm branches and shouting "Hosanna to the Son of David."  He rode into the Jerusalem of Europe and the Jerusalem of the Americas and was proclaimed Lord and King.  But all that is now in the past.  Friday has come.  The love affair with Jesus and his Gospel and his Church is over.  Elite sectors of the cultures of Europe and North America no longer welcome his message.  "Away with him," they shout.  "Give us Barabbas!"

 Will we muster the strength, the courage, the faith to be like Mary the Mother of Jesus, and like John, the apostle whom Jesus loved, and stand faithfully at the foot of the cross?  Or will we, like all the other disciples, flee in terror?  Fearing to place in jeopardy the wealth we have piled up, the businesses we have built, the professional and social standing we have earned, the security and tranquility we enjoy, the opportunities for worldly advancement we cherish, the connections we have cultivated, the relationships we treasure, will we silently acquiesce to the destruction of innocent human lives or the demolition of marriage?  Will we seek to "fit in," to be accepted, to live comfortably in the new Babylon?  If so, our silence will speak.  Its words will be the words of Peter, warming himself by the fire: "Jesus the Nazorean?  I tell you, I do not know the man."

Robert George speaking at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast 2014

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