Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Reaction to Signs in Halifax

The Signs for Life campaign got national coverage last night on SunNews TV.  Reporter Kris Sims spoke with Stephanie Potter of Signs for Life here in Halifax. When she tried to get the pro-choice side, no one at South House Women's Centre would speak with her. In fact, one woman came downstairs to tell the volunteer at the desk "that's Sun News, don't speak to them".

Kind of odd that they wouldn't want the opportunity to get their voice heard. But perhaps they can't face the kind of questions that Kris would ask, one of which being where do they get their funding?  Since South House is part of Dalhousie University, this would mean that every student gives a percentage of their student dues to pay for this service, and because it is primarily rolled out by the university, it is ultimately our taxes that are paying for this centre.

This could raise some questions for lots of people. If you don't support "reproductive choice for all genders" as the mandate of South House states, then perhaps you don't want your tax dollars going to support their ads either.

Sims will be following up on this question and it will be interesting to see what she finds out. 

Billboard paid for by donors to Signs for Life
This ad paid for by South House and the Halifax
Sexual Health Centre (government funded groups)


Elena said...

The pro-choice sign is so badly designed: the colour, it's way too crowded, and it looks so amateur.

Julie Culshaw said...

I made that comment to the CTV reporter when it first came out and she said that many people thought the same. First ad principle is keep it simple stupid.
I think Luc has had such a huge effect because the message is incredibly simple, the emphasis is on this little wonderful guy, so full of possibilities.