Monday, April 7, 2014

Legal, Safe and Rare - none of those

Just this past week, I read stories of two incidents at abortion clinics. The first recounted the death of Lakisha Wilson in Cleveland, Ohio. She had had a late term abortion, she was 22 years old and she died as she hemorrhaged from the procedure.

Today, ambulances and fire crews responded to a call at an abortion clinic in Boston; the 27-year-old page was unresponsive after the procedure; the first word is that she had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.

Incidents like this are much more common than you know. If it weren't for the actions of Operation Rescue, we might not ever hear about them.

They are able to gain access to the scripts of 911 calls, and this is how they discover where such incidents occur. The frequency is startling.

Just in case you thought abortion was safe, think again.

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