Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frederiction Abortion Clinic to Close

One statement by this woman is overtly false. She states that the number of abortions has decreased since a decade ago, since two decades ago. That is just plain wrong. Stats Canada shows that the abortion rate in the last few years has remained fairly steady throughout the country. In 2010, New Brunswick recorded 1098 induced abortions; in 2009 the number was 1104; in 2008 it was 1096; in 2007 it was 1092; from 1970 to 2004 the number was 20,596 which means an average of 506 per year. Any cursory study of stats shows that abortions have increased since all restrictions on abortion were removed in Canada. People really do need to know that legalized abortion does increase the number of abortions; according to these records, the number of abortions has doubled since legalization. To say that the numbers have gone down since legalization is lying. This is an oft-repeated statement, that the same number of abortions will occur anyway, and that legalizing them makes them safe. Simply not true as anyone can find out easily.
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How does one communicate with a woman like this clinic manager?  She truly believes that she is doing a service for women by providing them with abortions. We, on the pro-life side, believe that this does untold damage to women.

Both sides are trying to help women. Where can we communicate with one another since we start from the same point, compassion for women?  But we end up at completely different places.

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Patricia Maloney said...

Julie, a clarification. Stats Canada doesn't report abortion stats anymore. It's now Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)