Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Footing Abortion Bill

A friend emailed me to say that my letter had been published in the Chronicle Herald. I had checked for a few days and then forgot about it. Glad to see that they published it today, in response to the woman who posted about her abortion last week.

 The April 23 opinion piece from an anonymous contributor, about the judgment she feels in the wake of an abortion raises the hackles of many people on both sides of this issue.
Given the annual number of abortions in Nova Scotia (the latest numbers show 2,125 in 2010), and given that the majority of abortions are performed for reasons of convenience, I would like to raise the issue of funding for abortions.
 Why should I pay for this woman’s abortion with my tax dollars? Abortion in this case was not medically necessary, but was sought because the woman wished to continue her education and did not think the time was right for her to have a child.
 The average abortion costs the taxpayer approximately $800. Unlike other medical procedures, this woman’s physical health would not have suffered if she had carried her child to term. Many studies indicate that her psychological health would actually have been better had she continued her pregnancy rather than opted for an abortion.
 For those who support abortion as a woman’s choice, the conundrum raises its head and asks for a logical answer to the question: “If abortion is truly a personal choice, how on Earth can it also be medically necessary?” — Faye Sonier, constitutional and human rights lawyer (

They also posted Paul Moore's letter in response to the same issue; Paul points out that pro-lifers are not judging those who have abortions, but are offering alternatives and help even to those who have chosen abortion.

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