Thursday, April 3, 2014

Film about Kermit Gosnell

Fox News Contributor Kirsten Powers appeared on FNC’s “The Kelly File” April 1 to discuss how Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, refused independent filmmaker Phelim McAleer and wife Ann McElhinney permission to fundraise for their new project: the Gosnell Movie. Powers explained that while a grand jury report accused abortionist Kermit Gosnell of “killing hundreds of babies,” Kickstarter only allowed McAleer’s Hat Tip Productions an account to fundraise “if they would remove references to babies being stabbed to death” in the project description. As a result, the husband-wife team turned to site Indiegogo to raise money from the public. 

I hope that they are successful in doing this. Perhaps the only way to reach the general public is through movies, because the theatre seems to have replaced church for many people. They go to the cinema to be thrilled, uplifted, energized - in short, they now go to see films for the very reasons they used to go to church.

If that is the case, then movies should be used to convey the truth to people.

Support this effort if you are able.  Click on the link above to donate. 

Also, this is an issue that has really captured the attention of Kirsten Powers. Last year, she called out her fellow liberal journalists for not covering the Gosnell trial and here she is now advocating for the people who wish to disclose the truth about this man. Kirsten recently became a Christian and I think it is hard for her in the world she lives in. It would be much easier if she were a Republican, but she is a Democrat and real solid Christians must find it increasingly difficult to maintain their beliefs amongst the progressive liberals. 

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