Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Double standard in Canada


Michael Coren made it plain that he disagrees with the methods of both Peter LaBarbera and Bill Whatcott, but he defends their right to "free speech".

Then he shows a clip of a feminist who rants and uses profanities to make her speech, but the police stand by and do nothing.

Double standard?  you betcha. Lefties and liberals get to say whatever they please, because it is politically correct. Right wing conservatives and traditionalists get arrested for stating their beliefs in public, and they do so without the vulgar language too. 

Remember that Ann Coulter was not allowed to speak at the University of Montreal last year, because the provost decided beforehand that her speech was "hate speech" and would incite violence.


Heather Von St. James said...


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Anonymous said...

Coulter WAS allowed to speak. The Provost was advising her about Canadian law. Coulter has become increasingly over-the-top, with some very bizarre remarks. She is not an advocate for conservatism – she is an advocate for Ann Coulter. A growing number of people are discovering that we should Never Trust Ann Coulter – at ANY Age, at

Julie Culshaw said...

Actually we are both incorrect. Coulter spoke at the University of Western Ontario, and because of that speech, her speech at University of Ottawa was cancelled just minutes before she was scheduled to appear.
I do have to agree with you, that she is a bit of a loose cannon.