Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chickens and Eggs - let's get the science straight

Okay, I admit I am a Fox News devotee. First The Five, then Bret Baier, and of course Bill O'Reilly.
Usually Bill is not to be trumped, but Wednesday's cast showed that he does indeed have a weak spot.

In discussing this video with Martha McCallum, Bill suggested that if the eggs weren't used, we could be overrun with chickens. Both McCallum and O'Reilly made the collosal mistake of thinking that all eggs, if left alone, will hatch into chickens.
How many times have I heard this argument used by pro-choicers? And I am still stunned by their ignorance of basic biology. So let's set the record straight.
Chickens lay eggs every day or nearly every day. This is what their bodies do. In the human species, the female human releases one egg per month (two eggs would result in twins) and those eggs are shed through the monthly cycle of menstruation unless the egg is fertilized. In that case, the egg travels to the uterus and implants there, to be nourished and to grow into what we recognize as a baby.
The mistake that many people make is to think that all the eggs that chickens lay are fertilized. If they were, they would hatch into little chicks. But think about it:  how many chicken farms have roosters running around the hen house, mating with the hens and resulting in fertilized eggs?  not so many.
In fact, the chickens lay those eggs daily or every second day because when they release their eggs, we see them. We don't see the eggs that humans release and discard. So what happens internally with humans, happens externally with chickens.
I was stunned that Bill and Martha didn't know this. But rather, they talked about how we would be completely overrun with chickens if we didn't eat them for breakfast, make omelettes, use them for food. Gosh, we wouldn't be able to control the invasion of chickens that would occur unless we ate those little chicks in egg form.
The yolk is not a chick. Perhaps people think it is because it is yellow. But it's not a chick. It is simply the potential chicken if Mr. Rooster pays a visit. Which in most egg farms doesn't happen unless the farmer is trying to increase his number of laying hens.
As for the PETA video, what is the problem with using real eggs for an Easter egg hunt? They suggest that next year, Mrs. Obama use plastic eggs that can be recycled. Hasn't anyone told them about the waste that occurs in making plastic?  At least, real eggs, yolks and whites and shells can be eaten or recycled naturally. The same can't be said of plastic.
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), an organization I will never ever support.

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