Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 Days for Life Begins

Listen to Robert Colquhoun of London, England announcing the closure of an abortion centre in Bedford Square, London England. Robert is the international director of 40 Days for Life.

I spoke with Robert in December when I visited London for my niece's wedding. What an impressive young man. His life seems to parallel that of Shawn Carney. Both began in full-time pro-life work at a very young age; like Shawn, Robert has just got married, and both are confident men who have a vision and are willing to work hard to bring that vision to others.

God bless Robert, God bless England, God bless this Lenten 40 Days for Life in all 253 locations.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered Matt's blog a few months ago. He certainly has a great way of defending his opinion on any topic. His best blogs are the ones where he is responding to a personal e-mail from someone who doesn't agree with him. I like that he copies the e-mail into his post. It shows, first hand, how insane some people can be. This particular e-mail from Rachel is a good example. I liked the way he exposed her argument as unoriginal by mentioning the violin player. It proved that Rachel was only regurgitating something that she was told that convinced her to toe the liberal line.