Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Catholic Church in Germany

Ask yourself this question: If the Vatican produced a survey on attitudes towards ecology that found that the majority of the baptized in Germany liked burning down forests and wantonly killing animals, would that information have been reported to Rome without a hint of condemnation, or even embarrassment, by the German Bishops’ Conference?

An interesting article about the results of a Bishops' synod in Germany on Catholic teaching. It shows that most Catholics reject Church teaching on morality, sexuality, divorce, homosexuality, and birth control. There's not much left.

What we have here is a push to change Church teaching on sexual morality. Sociology trumps revelation and reason. The people have spoken, they told us what they want, and it is unjust to ignore or contradict them! The faithful in Germany are either blamelessly unfamiliar with Church doctrine, or they find it unconvincing, hence the teachings must be jettisoned.

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