Sunday, February 2, 2014

Song Nominated for Oscar sung by quadriplegic

This song has been nominated for an Academy award, however there are some difficulties being encountered and it has been rescinded for the moment. I am sure that will be reversed as public support will rise up knowing that this is Christian bigotry. But it doesn't really matter.

The singer is a quadriplegic woman of 64 who has been in a wheelchair for 47 years. She is an amazing Christian witness and teacher, I have heard her speak about suicide in a way that only someone who has felt true despair could speak. I love the smile on her face as she finishes the song, that was her greatest reward to have sung this well for her God.

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garyk51188 said...

Love the song. Don't think it bigotry, but rather hue and cry that many superstar performing groups were overlooked. They disqualified it on "appearances" of impropriety in how word got out about it on the list. Technically no rules broken -- at least the Academy hasn't cited one. And, pretty hypocritical on their part since a hit parade of classic manipulations that have landed the award for various categories in the past are pretty well known -- even joked about they are so legend.