Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gloomy Economic Picture for Nova Scotia

A recent report on Nova Scotia's economic future highlighted the problem of population decline. Despite all the recommendations put forward, the problem of the declining birth rate and the steady number of abortions annually was never addressed. 

The solution to Nova Scotia's demographic decline is seen in encouraging more immigration. I never hear anyone ask if Nova Scotians really want to be taken over by Chinese and Arabic immigrants, which are the two groups that do come here.

Given the propensity of most Nova Scotians not to trust anyone who comes "from away", I doubt that immigration will be much of a solution.

Perhaps encouraging families to have more children, encouraging families to stay together, and encouraging young women not to abort their babies might have more effect. But then that would be traditional morality, and that is in decline just like the population.

The report, released today by the Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy, anticipates a grave turn for the province’s economy. Entitled “Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action,” it was commissioned in 2012 by the then-NDP government, and seems to confirm what population experts have been forecasting for Western economies with their falling birth rates.
 But not a word of the 243-page report addressed the impact anti-life ideologies have had on the province’s declining birthrate. 
 Rather than focusing on the anti-life causes of the population decline, the report focused on ways to boost immigration and building business as a means of staving off the decline. “We need to achieve significantly higher rates of attraction and retention of both inter-provincial and international immigrants to grow the population overall, increase the number of entrepreneurs, and renew the labour force,” it stated.

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