Monday, February 17, 2014

Feminists confused about what it is to be female

I have often thought that the push of feminists for abortion and for "reproductive rights" is really a rejection of what it is to be truly female. In seeking equality with men, they deny what makes us feminine. And at the root of their ideology is a rejection of the natural differences between men and women. And therefore it is essentially a rejection of the way the sexes have been created. Their fight is with nature itself.

In my encounters with feminists in the classroom, I found myself at pains trying to convince them that freedom must be combined with intelligence in order for it to be profitable. One surely has the freedom to walk across a busy intersection blindfolded, but that is not very intelligent. In fact, it is courting self-destruction.  A woman can choose to dress provocatively, but she may pay dearly for it. A woman has the freedom to try being a man, but, like the horse that tried to sing like a nightingale, risks losing sight of her own femininity. The freedom to indulge in reckless sexual activities, to clamor for abortion, and to assault those with whom you disagree is not consistent with developing one’s self as a person. The Deadly Sin of pride ascribes too much importance to the isolated self and accords too little importance to intelligence.
Donald DeMarco also thinks that immodesty in dress negates personhood, because it causes women to be seen as objects by men. As many have remarked, this is the antithesis of empowering women.
 Although certain feminists want to be more like men (they have now invaded the world of sumo wrestling), in so doing, they have created an unbridgeable gap between themselves and the sex they seek to emulate. On the one hand, they reserve for themselves the right to be as immodest as they please, while at the same time they demand that men adopt the virtue of heroic sexual restraint. The pride that forbids modesty ultimately wages war on its opponents. According to the Femen website, “our naked war will continue against anyone who threaten {sic} our right to abort”. The convergence of immodesty with war is not to be taken lightly.

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