Thursday, February 27, 2014

Being shoved into the closet

Well, the Arizona governor caved. She vetoed the bill that would allow business persons to conduct their business according to their conscience. Many people approve of this veto, even Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, but the law would only have protected people from being coerced into assisting at events and ceremonies to which they object. It is not as if the law was going to allow restaurant owners to refuse service to gay persons, or car mechanics to refuse service to a gay car owner. The law would have protected those business persons who saw their service as facilitating a gay ceremony to which they have religious objections.

So the homosexual activists have struck another victory in their push to make their lifestyle accepted by everyone as perfectly normal. Portraying themselves as victims of injustice and discrimination, they equate their sexual orientation with the equivalence of race.

What we are seeing is reverse discrimination against Christians who cannot take part in something that they consider to go against their beliefs. There is no lack of florists or bakers who will be willing to make a wedding cake or provide the flowers for a same-sex wedding, should one business owner refuse. This is a vendetta against the minority of business owners who do not wish (and feel that they cannot) provide services for an event that they consider counter to their beliefs.

No one is saying that a gay person cannot shop in a certain store or eat in a certain restaurant; what is at stake here is a very specific section of business services that can easily be found elsewhere. Why the drive to corner these people and make them comply?  Or worse still, why will they be sued and driven out of business because they won't provide the service requested. It is not as if that service cannot be found somewhere else and quite easily.

This is tyranny.

A young student emailed me during a discussion we were having about abortion. She said that she was distressed that, in objecting to abortion, I was trying to undo what she and her feminist friends had managed to achieve for themselves:  reproductive freedom. I replied that, from my standpoint, she and her friends had managed to undo what I and other Christians had long held as protection for the unborn. One person's idea of freedom is what can take away someone else's.

So too with gay rights. Now that the consensus is on their side, the LGBT community is succeeding in getting their "rights" to trump those of others in society. But whose values are being overturned? I maintain that it is the values on which our countries were founded that are being ransacked by people who think their behaviour deserves to be acknowledged, accepted, and proclaimed as perfectly normal. Even on a natural level, the results of medical tests are convincing doctors that this behaviour reaps its own grisly rewards.


Rebecca said...

It is tyranny, but I think we need to be careful about concluding that the LGBT community is somehow "behind" this -- they are being used as pawns in a game that is about so much more than gay rights. It's all about personal freedoms being taken awayand power being given to completely impersonal entities; about slowing taking away from people the liberty to object to ANYTHING that is mandated. The gay community is simply not that big or powerful to be able to effect so much change. They are just being used to advance a much further encompassing agenda, and once they are no longer useful they will be abandoned by the same special interests that are embracing them now.

Julie Culshaw said...

Any conjecture on who is using them? I can't follow the logic of this, what person or group would use this agenda to take away our liberty? and what is their long-term objective?

John Lynch said...

I am interested in hearing more of your thoughts on this Rebecca. I agree that it is so much more than gay rights and yes, I sense that the question of freedom is at stake here and those pursuing the gay rights agenda, whatever that encompasses, have willingly given themselves over to the "cause" of pursuing a greater freedom which will most likely turn into a most abhorrent form of slavery, that of being enslaved to oneself. It is beginning to hedge towards anarchy.