Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Testimony of a former abortion worker

On Monday, I caught the beginning of a talk on Focus on the Family. The story was told by Kathy Sparks, who once worked at an abortion clinic. She relates how her life went from average happy kid to pro-choice feminist in college, to an early marriage that was nasty, to a suicide attempt, to her redemption by Jesus Christ.

This is a strong story. Kathy now works with Mosaic Ministries in Illinois, a ministry for crisis pregnancy work.

The story has a happy ending. Her husband also had a conversion and together they turned their lives around to work for life, rather than against it.  Kathy Sparks part I

In part 2, Kathy talks about the work of her crisis pregnancy centre. What interested me the most was when she talked about the centre changing from being just a counselling centre to being a medical centre that could provide ultrasounds for pregnant women. In just a few weeks, the use of the ultrasound resulted in 35 women deciding to carry their babies to term. This was 35 out of 36 women; only one went ahead and had an abortion.{7D427101-4E5F-41FF-8E82-E0588BB0F13B}
Kathy Sparks part II

Some remarks that stick in my mind:
When people say that abortion is to help poor women, Kathy says she has never met an abortion doctor who did an abortion for free.

Every day, in her clinic, Kathy flushed 40 babies down a toilet into the city sewer.

Every abortion took from 5 to 8 minutes to perform, and the abortionist would get impatient if the staff didn't keep up with getting things done that quickly.

There were three rooms in which abortions were done; three doctors worked at the same time, round the clock. There was not sufficient room for women to even sit down after the procedure; some were laying on the floor, covered by a light blanket until they were able to walk out.

Many days, they did 40-50 abortions and sometimes stayed open in the evenings to do 10 more, six days a week.

When people talk about the war on women, do they have any idea what goes on inside these clinics?
These doctors are not concerned with women's health; their driving motive is financial.

Here in Canada, we don't hear these stories because most of our abortions are done inside hospitals and the reality is hidden from public view. Pro-lifers can't even get close to see what is really going on in those wards. But I find it hard to believe that Canadian doctors are driven by empathy for women; they are just like their American counterparts, in it for the money.

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