Thursday, January 30, 2014

Focusing on Personhood of the Unborn

"Ultimately this notion of personhood is grounded in age discrimination. Let's take a one-celled human embryo in contrast to an amoeba. Can either of those two things think? No! So we ask the question that two year olds love to ask Why? Why can't the amoeba think and why can't the human embryo think?
 And the answer to that question is very different. The amoeba can't think because of what it is. It's not within its nature to be a thinking thing. But the one-celled human embryo cannot think because of how old she is.
And if we believe in human rights, then humans get human rights regardless of their age. Personhood is a tool that's being used for the strong to override the rights of the weak, something we've seen time and again in history, where women were denied personhood status, where blacks were denied personhood status, where Jews were denied personhood status. Time and again, throughout history, humans with human rights being deprived of those rights because other humans say they're not persons.
By focusing the conversation on human rights and showing how personhood, in the context of abortion, is merely age discrimination, we'll go far in our encounters. - Stephanie Gray at the 2014 Students for Life of America National Conference


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