Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Average age of abortionists

The Bakersfield FPA abortionist, Vernon P. Wagner, 74, has been responsible for multiple life-threatening abortion-related medical emergencies over the years, most recently in February and August, 2013 and in August and October, 2012. Wagner was also involved in the death of Tami Suematsu in 1988, who died of an asthma attack that sent her into cardiac arrest as Wagner continued abortions on other patients.

From these reports of botched abortions, it would seem that the average age of abortion doctors in the US is quite old. These are "doctors" past retirement age. What does this indicate?

If the majority of abortionists are senior citizens, we can deduce that younger doctors are not becoming abortionists. This is evidence that abortion is endorsed by those in their senior years, and not so much by people under the age of 40. 

As one pro-choice feminist said of the pro-life crowd at the March for Life last year:  "My God, they are all so young!"

As some have said, abortionists seem to be doctors who are not held in high regard by their peers; they seem to be the doctors who don't excel in other fields of medicine.

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