Sunday, January 19, 2014

Andrew Cuomo acting like Hitler in NY

Secularism is not just a religion for atheist and agnostics, but every practical atheist – every religious believer who doesn’t live any differently than the culture prescribes. Any Christian who isn’t constantly challenged by the mandates of the Gospel and the precepts of his faith contributes to the tsunami of secularism. Too many of us all too often fall into this category, some as a matter of fallen nature and bad habits, others as a matter of lukewarm faith and utter indifference. Make no mistake: We make it easier for politicians to push religious faith to the margins.
Don’t let Andrew Cuomo get away with claiming he speaks for the women of New York state. Drs. Anne Nolte and Elissa Sanchez-Speach are among the doctors who have spoken out against his abortion-expansion push. Does the governor really believe that elected representative Nicole Malliotakis should not live, never mind hold public office in the Empire State simply because she disagrees with him on fundamental moral and political issues? Would he have the New York State Catholic Conference – a longtime, vocal opponent of his abortion-expansion push – close up shop? Mercifully, it’s not up to him. Pro-lifers still have the freedom to live in New York and are not packing their bags.

This from a state whose capital city, New York, has the highest abortion rate in the country. A full 60% of all pregnancies are aborted there, with the majority of those being black or Hispanic.

This is the Andrew Cuomo who attends Catholic Mass with his mistress and comes up to receive Communion and has not been reprimanded by any clergy that I know of. Perhaps if priests and bishops took seriously the responsibility that they have, things would not have gotten this extreme.

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