Thursday, December 5, 2013

Feminists are not our major problem

A video of women assaulting praying men in Argentina is making the rounds. And commentaries abound, with many speaking about the "real face of pro-aborts".  I beg to differ.

Feminists such as these in Buenos Aires are not the majority of women who support legal abortion. The vast majority are the rather silent, non-disruptive women who think that legal abortion solves a problem for women in crisis. They really do see abortion as the best way to handle a situation that backs a woman into a corner. But they are not bullies for the most part.

To concentrate pro-life efforts on militant feminists is to miss the mark.

My parish priest once said to me "1/3 of our church is pro-life; 1/3 is pro-choice; the other third are the mushy middle. It is the mushy middle that we have to work on."  I often recall his statement, because it brings back into focus who we should be trying to reach with the pro-life message and also focuses our efforts on how we can reach them. They will not be reached by militant messages in return, because these are people who simply do not respond to militant methods. They need to be reached with reason, and they need to be shown that the real pro-life movement is compassionate to all. 

One of my favourite pro-life heroes is Monsignor Phillip Reilly, founder of the Helpers of God's Precious Infants. As he says, we don't go to the sidewalk outside abortion clinics to save the babies; the babies are innocent beings and they go to God without question. It is their parents and the medical workers who are in danger of losing their eternal souls. As Msgr Reilly points out again and again, the pro-life movement has to be, at its foundation, about the saving of souls. 

When people are reached with the good news of the Gospel, they will be convinced of the pro-life message as well. I don't see much success any other way.

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