Sunday, November 17, 2013

Abortion stories miss the mark

For the advocates of abortion, these testimonies offer a clear refutation of their strategy of doing everything possible to speak constantly of a “woman’s right to choose,” while avoiding any reference to the baby. The baby refuses to disappear. When these testimonies of abortion reveal the very women who had an abortion speaking of “our baby” and noting that “the baby would now be one year old,” the moral bankruptcy of the pro-abortion argument is there for all to see. The baby refuses to leave the picture.

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Albert Mohler discusses a recent article in New York magazine, an article that relates the testimonies of 26 women who had abortions. The article is intended to remove the stigma of abortion and make abortion more acceptable by the general population.

However, as Mohler says, this really backfires as post-abortive women refer to the "baby", making statements that reveal this being hasn't really left them alone. There is mention of the age a baby would be today, and for many of these women, the word "baby" is used which indicates that these women are recalling who was lost in this procedure.

 If the purpose of this article was to assist women to overcome the stigma of abortion, it is hard to imagine that it succeeded. The fact that this article appears four decades after Roe is proof that the decision failed to reset the nation’s conscience on abortion.

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