Thursday, November 28, 2013

And doctors say .......

In these times of strained health care resources, it is more imperative now than ever that government be streamlining spending in the health care sector. A necessary step in doing this is to identify those services which are not medically necessary and delist them. It is our opinion that abortion is never medically necessary and should be defunded provincially…


Pro Life Ad from Unilever

This is beautiful. I actually cried. This is a great rebuttal to those who think we should not bring children into this world. As Mother Teresa said "life, just life". 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pro Life News a la Drudge

Great, a new site presenting pro-life news from around the world in the style of Drudge Report.

This is terrific, you can scan down the headlines and find lots of interesting stories. I like this format of just presenting the headlines and linking to the original story. This will keep one more up-to-date on breaking news. 

They will be adding a Canadian segment to the site. I can't help but think that section will be pretty small.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Need for Regulations

I think everyone recognizes that far too many things are being regulated these days. Everytime someone does something, there is a call for some kind of legislation to ensure that behaviour is acceptable by the rest of the population. 

This is reaching extreme proportions. Yesterday, I was assailed by a woman who opened her door to shout at me that my dog defecating on the grass was illegal and she would report me. I replied it is not illegal, trust me, I was served with a notice prompted by this woman some months ago so I now know the law.

She shouted again that she would report me again, so that is how I know who reported me in the first place. I had said to the Animal Control officer that, if she would simply tell me to keep my dog off her property, I would.  But the woman didn't have the guts to simply confront me, she had to resort to someone who represented "the law".

The incident is unimportant, but I think it is telling in how we deal with people we don't like or behaviour that we find unacceptable. We call for legislation.

Last night, on the Michael Coren show on Sun TV, a reporter told how the city of Vancouver is banning doorknobs. No kidding, they are banning doorknobs and people must replace knobs with lever-type handles. Supposedly, this will be easier for people with arthritis. Who knew that doorknobs were such a problem?

You know what I think, well maybe you don't care what I think. But I will tell you anyway because this is really bugging me. I think that we are legislating every detail in our lives, to the same degree that we are giving license to every sexual behaviour.

Yes, I know that probably seems a stretch to relate those two things - doorknobs and sex. But think about it. What is the one area of our lives that people say there should be no laws?  Sexual activity. The only area left untouched at this point is pedophilia, but there are even efforts to remove that taboo.

People want absolutely no restrictions on their sexual behaviour. And most people do pretty much what they want. As the recent surge in the number of chlamydia cases in girls aged 16-24 testifies. But people need restrictions; most of us function better when we have boundaries; most of us want boundaries.  But the present consensus that no one should restrict my sexual activity gives rise to the need to have boundaries somewhere else.

And so we have this crazy need to legislate everything. Keeping my dog from walking on your lawn, changing doorknobs to lever handles, is there anything that won't be legislated?  What happened to plain old common sense and to giving people the thumbs-up that they really can run their own lives sensibly? Those went out the window when we gave our moral lives complete free rein.

If we can't control our morality, then we will control absolutely everything else, even the most trivial of things. It makes us feel better about the real crap we are messing around in.

PS - My daughter emailed to say that I should clarify something.  Someone might think that I am letting my dog defecate on people's property.  That is not the case. Haligonians always pick up doggie doo, in fact this city is rather good in that area.  So this lady's problem is not with that, she objects to the dog even walking on her property. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bus shelter pro-life ads get CTV coverage

News story on the Signs for Life bus shelter ads.

Email from a friend in response to this story:
It's amazing how the picture of a baby which fifty-three years ago was the symbol of innocence and a new beginning. Now it is seen as "very upsetting" and "offensive." How twisted our thoughts have become!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Abortion stories miss the mark

For the advocates of abortion, these testimonies offer a clear refutation of their strategy of doing everything possible to speak constantly of a “woman’s right to choose,” while avoiding any reference to the baby. The baby refuses to disappear. When these testimonies of abortion reveal the very women who had an abortion speaking of “our baby” and noting that “the baby would now be one year old,” the moral bankruptcy of the pro-abortion argument is there for all to see. The baby refuses to leave the picture.

-  from

Albert Mohler discusses a recent article in New York magazine, an article that relates the testimonies of 26 women who had abortions. The article is intended to remove the stigma of abortion and make abortion more acceptable by the general population.

However, as Mohler says, this really backfires as post-abortive women refer to the "baby", making statements that reveal this being hasn't really left them alone. There is mention of the age a baby would be today, and for many of these women, the word "baby" is used which indicates that these women are recalling who was lost in this procedure.

 If the purpose of this article was to assist women to overcome the stigma of abortion, it is hard to imagine that it succeeded. The fact that this article appears four decades after Roe is proof that the decision failed to reset the nation’s conscience on abortion.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Twins in bath


A beautiful and amazing video has been circulating the Internet over the last 24-48 hours. The video shows a parent washing newborn twins in a wash basin. The twin infants have their eyes closed and appear to be peacefully sleeping and enjoying the warm bathwater.

The twin babies finally begin to move and, when they do, they hold each other and snuggle closer.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Great, an Evangelical promotes having kids

A couple of months ago, I posted about being invited to an informal gathering of Christian couples to let them know about 40 Days for Life here in Halifax. And I was puzzled and dismayed to learn that those seven couples only had three children in total.

Just this week, I have been emailing back and forth with a Pentecostal pastor who became a Catholic last Easter Saturday about this very thing. He told me that he was concerned about the non-Catholic churches' lack of teaching on marriage-divorce- and remarriage. I told him I was concerned that they never spoke about contraception, because I thought the two topics were related.

His return email told me that he had never even considered the subject, as it wasn't an issue in the Pentecostal church. So I sent him the link to Humanae Vitae, the famous encyclical by Pope Paul VI defending the Church's teaching against artificial contraception. And I also directed him to the website of Dr. Janet Smith, who has done some very good teaching on this subject.

So I was very pleased to find that Erin had blogged about having children. She has previously written about being open to the number of children God wants you to have in your family. Now she tackles one of the excuses that people give for not having kids, or for delaying them - a perceived lack of resources. 

A good post. And I am glad to see that my evangelical brothers and sisters are beginning to think about this subject more. Prior to the Lambeth Conference in 1930, it was actually the Protestants who were more vocal about the ills of artificial contraception than the Catholics were. Few of them even know that this is the case; so when they find out, light bulbs go off.

Perhaps this will be another common ground for us Catholics and non-Catholics in the not-so-distant future.

Living Fully; Dying Naturally

My friend Nicole Myshak shared this with me today. She produced this video with the John Paul II Media Institute here in Halifax. A short but poignant look at death and its meaning.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Was she serious?

On Saturday, the two bus shelter posters had been graffiti-ed.  Fortunately with marker that could be scraped off with an exacto knife and with lipstick which rubbed off. 

The to-be-expected slogan "My body, my choice" with the added line "my rules". 

Then the same sign was marked again, this time with "Every sperm is sacred". 

Are they serious?  surely no one thinks that a sperm is life, in the same way that the conceived zygote is life.  But perhaps they do.

A woman stopped by the 40 Days vigil and talked to my husband and another man praying and this was something that she said as well. That sperm is potential life. 

So I wonder if perhaps people are really that lacking in basic biology. I thought this was a joke to say that sperm is sacred, but some might actually think this is so, and therefore they can dismiss the pro-life cause because everyone dismisses sperm without a second thought.  Is that the reasoning?

Basic biology lesson: in order for a life to be created, it requires one sperm and one egg from the same species. Once the egg is fertilized, a different and unique entity is formed. This entity has within it everything that it needs to grow and develop into a full human being. It is not a potential life, it is a life with potential. The organism has within itself the blueprint whereby it directs its own growth and maturity, something that the sperm and egg cannot do on their own. That is the reason the organism conceived is quite different from the parts that joined to create it. Yes, they were living entities, but sperms and eggs do not have within their makeup the ability to grow into anything but what they already are.

An acorn shares exactly the same reality. An oak tree produces flowers which are pollinated, and then the acorn forms. That acorn contains within itself everything required to grow a new oak tree. It has in its makeup everything that makes an oak tree an oak tree.

Should that acorn fall into suitable soil and receive water and nutrients for growth, it will break through the ground as a little stem and, with favourable conditions, it will grow larger and taller. We don't recognize it as an oak tree until it begins to look like an oak tree rather than some other kind of tree. And we don't see the zygote looking like a human being until it reaches a certain point where it is recognizable by the naked eye as a human being.  But it is one all the same, just as the acorn is an oak tree. 

Every living organism requires suitable conditions for its growth. For people to say that the baby in utero is dependent upon its mother for its life, and therefore should be considered a part of her body to do with as she pleases, is no different than saying the newly born baby is dependent upon others and therefore we should be able to do with it as we will. That kind of dependence, physical dependence upon another for nutrition, warmth, and a safe environment is required by many of us and not just while we are in the womb. Try leaving a six-month old alone in a room for a few days and see what happens. You will rightly be charged with homicide, due to neglect.

Perhaps the vandal who wrote on the bus shelter poster was not serious. But I have my doubts. There is an incredible amount of ignorance out there on certain basic facts. And knowledge brings responsibility. We owe it to ourselves and to others to be knowledgeable and to leave ignorance behind.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pro Choice Chanting indicates defeat

When pro-choice supporters resort to interrupting a scheduled talk by someone, when they chant, and when they hold up that ignorant coat-hanger banner, you have to realise they have lost the moral argument.

When the pro-life club was unable to find anyone to debate Stephanie Gray of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, Stephanie agreed to give a talk on abortion as a human rights violation.

But the opposition can't even bear to listen to the pro-life side. They chant and try to drown out the rational ideas that Ms Gray puts forward. Aren't they the slightest bit embarrassed?

If none of them can enter into a rational debate with the pro-life side, chanting My Body, My Choice, is all they have left.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Gospel music sung with great conviction.  How I love the Gaither Gospel hour. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Euthanasia for children in Belgium

I wonder how many people want to immigrate to Belgium.