Thursday, October 24, 2013

Did you hear about this?

Bishop Paprocki is in the news for his recent statement that members of the Rainbow Sash Movement who would enter Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Springfield, Illinois to pray the rosary before Mass (for the legalization of same sex marriage) would be removed.  And he followed through on his threat:

His strong words – and the presence of police officers around and inside the cathedral – scuttled the protest. Not a single sash-bearer sashayed into the sanctuary.

Bishop Paprocki is aware of the danger of defying the homosexual movement. His former secretary was murdered by a gay activist
 His secretary who worked part-time at his parish and part-time at a funeral home, advised a co-worker to reform his homosexual lifestyle. The young man, 19 years old, murdered her and stuffed her body into a cubby hole in his apartment above the funeral home. News of this murder by a homosexual didn't receive much coverage in the media, while the murder of Matthew Shephard received extensive news coverage.

Bishop Paprocki is an outspoken advocate of Gospel values and he is unafraid to confront the hostile culture of North America. God bless him and may St. Michael protect him.

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