Thursday, October 10, 2013

Abortion and Slavery

Pro-life arguments frequently equate abortion with slavery. Some argue that this is not a fair comparison.  But it seems that it fits like a glove. Here is a list of comparisons by Calvin Frieburger who writes for Live Action. Click on the link to read the comparisons in full. I have simply listed the headings here.

Both denied the humanity of an entire class of people

Both claimed to be on the cutting edge of human enlightenment
 Both claimed to have evolved past the Founding Fathers’ values
 Both had advocates who hid behind the “personally opposed, but…” excuse
 Both claimed it was for the victim’s own good
 Both fantasized that opposition was a pretext for more sinister motives
 Both mocked concern for the victim as something dirty
 Both were sustained by horrendous Supreme Court rulings
 Both took drastic measures when democracy didn’t get them what they wanted
 It’s clear why allusions to the enslavement of black men and women outrage those who defend the slaughter of innocent children: because they can’t handle looking at history and seeing a mirror image stare back at them.

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