Sunday, September 1, 2013

A week's vacation

We just returned from a week's vacation in Parrsboro Nova Scotia. This is a little town on the Bay of Fundy which boasts the world's highest tides.  My husband and I spent a week with our middle daughter and her husband and six children.  A delightful week.  Some pics of the week.

Jacob and Sister Ilaria (my youngest daughter),
member of the Franciscans of Halifax

No trip is complete without the ever-present Teddy

An afternoon's hike at Five Islands

Almost everyone is in this shot

The rugged beauty of Nova Scotia's coastline

Sister Ilaria with her godson Ben

Elena running the backwards 200 metres, part of
"Olympics" that Jacob organized
A great time, next year we plan on all the family meeting together in Northern Wisconsin. Look out Delta Lodge, seven adults and eleven children!


Elena said...

Ack! You managed to upload the picture of me with the strange hips and a bum shot!

Julie Culshaw said...

nonsense, it was the only shot that really showed people were running backwards!