Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Abortion Battle in Texas

The blonde woman in the photo is Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood in the USA, and she is standing with a young woman who boasts of four generations of pro-choice women in her family. Does she not realise she is lucky to be alive?

The people we are dealing with are blind or misled. The spiritual forces we are dealing with are the darkest out there. We must remember to keep the two opponents separate, praying for the first and praying against the second.

Robin Marty of RH Reality Check told me, “I do think there has been a significant shift…. There is a sense that abortion access could be changed forever.”

I think what we saw played out in Texas, including a propensity on the other side to throw feces and urine, is a sense of abortion doom. They realize they’re losing the unfettered freedom to kill preborn children.

I know that I put more links on this blog to US activity than to Canadian pro-life work. But then, what is there to show from Canada?  Not much.  Compared to our neighbours to the south, there is virtually nothing happening here.

We need to start talking, arguing, and praying about abortion in this county. Or we will be left in the dark ages, as more civilized nations come to their senses about this genocide of their own.

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