Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pro-Abortion on the Defensive

Pro-choice protesters in Texas (supporting Wendy Davis who filibustered the legislature for 12 hours to prevent the passing of some pro-life legislation) used kids to hold these signs.

Joe Scheidler of Pro Life Action League, a man who has been fighting for the rights of the unborn for decades, had this to say:

“With public opinion trending toward pro-life, with the explosion of legislation regulation abortion, and recent exposes on the horrific conditions in some of the abortion clinics, along with Planned Parenthood’s blatant deception, abortion proponents are in aggressive damage control mode,” Joe responded via email. “Not since the mid-90′s have we seen this kind of fear from the abortion crowd. Clearly they perceive us as effective.”
Many pro-life activists, along with Joe, think that "the pro-abortion bullies are on the defensive".
And the recent protests in Austin, Texas show a very nasty face of the pro-choice movement, with tattooed women caught on film trying to drown out Amazing Grace by shouting their slogans, and one even slurring Hail Satan to the camera. This certainly doesn't make them look good, especially when placed alongside the evidence from abortion clinics such as the one run by Kermit Gosnell.


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