Friday, July 19, 2013

Prayer Request for Thomas Peters

Prayers are asked for Thomas Peters, known as a blogger for American Papist. He broke his neck in a swimming accident a few days ago.  His father is well known canon lawyer Ed Peters.  Ed has asked that people pray for the intercession of Father Felix Capello.  This is a priest about whom Ed has been doing research and Ed has asked that we all ask for Father Capello's intercession.

Ed is trusting that a miracle will take place, as what father wouldn't?  Right now, Tom is on a breathing tube, he has his head stabilized in a halo. They are saying that he has some feeling in his legs, but not much use of his arms. He is able to sign responses, as he learned sign language because of his sister.

So please pray for Tom's full recovery. This is a very young man, newly married, no children yet. He works tirelessly for the faith.  So storm heaven please! 

h/t  Father Z's blog

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