Thursday, July 25, 2013

Monsignor Reilly on praying in the streets

"John Paul II asked that there be an international movement of prayer,  He said "be not afraid to go out and pray in the streets. be not afraid to go where today's modern day Calvary is, where innocent blood is being shed. bring Christ at any time, shout it from the rooftops."

So I see ordinary people, doing ordinary things, with extraordinary results. 

When you go to pray, yes we want to save babies. but they're not the ones most affected by the culture of death. the ones most affected, you see the child never did an evil in its life, there is no obstacle there to stop the child from going to God.  Who is in danger?  It's the people doing this, they need our presence, they are in darkness. they need the hope of Christ. you go for the people most affected by the culture of death,  it's not the children, it's the parents, it's the politicians, it's the priests and bishops who are weak and are not speaking out. 

Continue to give that public witness. What am I accomplishing?  it's not you, it's God through you. 

Overwhelmingly, young people are for life.  how did this happen, the media hasn't changed.  It's the little people.  You go as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.  We are waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus continues to do his work now through his body the Church.  We continue the work of Christ. And the work of Christ is, a world in darkness and broken needs a Saviour.  When we go to the abortion clinics, you don't go there with judgmental attitudes. You go there with the unconditional love to those caught in this culture of darkness. They need hope, they need truth.  God uses you, I see it all over the world. 

They still don't allow us to pray in buildings, in schools. But they can't stop us out in the streets. Conversions keep taking place all over this country, all around the world.  Jesus has risen, and His work continues through you. "

Monsignor Reilly on prayer in the streets

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