Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ezra Levant wonders if the Lac Megantic fire was the work of eco-terrorists

Ezra Levant has an ability to snoop out things that others overlook. Perhaps his suspicion will be proved correct on this one.
It's one thing for anonymous braggarts to make a claim online. It's another to build a blockade on the train tracks and put out a press release. But that's exactly what an extremist group in Maine did two weeks ago. They swore they'd stop trains of oil from North Dakota headed for Canada - just like the one that blew up in Lac-Megantic.
 The group is called 350 Maine and they blockaded the railway into the dead of night, until police finally arrested six of them.
 The actions of 350 Maine are part of a U.S. campaign that's called Fearless Summer. In Canada it's called Sovereignty Summer. Same tactics, same funders, same organizers. It's "direct action" against oil companies.
Their typical tactic is violence against property and defiance of police. An exploding fireball that kills people is not in their playbook. But what if some activist thought he was simply sabotaging a train to cause it to leak oil or to fall off the rails - no risk to life - but instead it accidentally went hurtling into a town to explode? That's the thing about industrial vandalism - it doesn't always go as planned.
 Did some overly passionate Fearless Summer activist come up from Maine to finish the job? Did some of the activists from the Enbridge pumping station go to Quebec for a project? We don't know. Like Thomas Mulcair, we're still guessing. But it is a public fact that the oil industry is under attack both north and south of the border and anti-oil anarchists brag about sabotaging trains.
The question for Quebec investigators is whether they'll follow up with avowed, law-breaking enemies of oil trains - or just keep pretending they don't exist in a country as civilized as ours.

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Anonymous said...

"Mr. Burkhardt said he no longer believes his train was sabotaged and denied casting blame on local firefighters."

Force Of Nature -- The Whole Truth from an Independent Perspective said...

Levant was/is correct ! Observers have speculated that the derailment was the result of an act performed by eco-terrorists ( a.k.a. environmental-terrorists ). Since it is a fact that these organizations terrorized businesses by imposing arbitrary pesticide bans, it is quite conceivable that these very same organizations were also part of the network that perpetrated the yet-to-be-confirmed Lac-M├ęgantic Terror Attack. Because of pesticide bans, the destruction of the professional lawn care industry was extensive because there were no valid economical alternatives to replace the prohibited products. Because of this network of eco-terrorists and their bans, the owners, employees, and families dependent on professional lawn care businesses face terror, despair, and destitution. Eco-terrorists destroyed their businesses, their assets, their customers, their homes, their lifestyles, their job security, their families, their children, their loved-ones, and their future. Eco-terrorists hurled them all into squalor and despair, forcing them to burn-in-hell, in a manner rhetorically similar to the Megantic Terror Attack. For more information about the Megantic Terror Attack, go to ... For more information about the network of eco-terrorists, go to ... WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G