Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disturbing the Political Peace in Canada

I was thrilled to read that Patricia Maloney, blogger at is taking the Ontario government to court over their suppression of abortion statistics.

In March 2012, Maloney made a request to the Ontario Department of Health for some stats on abortions. I believe she was trying to determine if any babies were born alive after abortion attempts. 

It was then that she was made aware that the government had amended the Freedom of Information Act to exempt abortion-related data. This isn't done in the case of any other surgical procedure.

Maloney has engaged a lawyer, Albertos Polizogopoulis, and is appealing that decision to the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

“As a blogger, Ms. Maloney benefits from the freedom of expression and freedom of the press guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” explains Polizogopoulos. “The Charter protects her right to comment on matters of public interest. The allocation of taxpayer funds for a medical procedure which remains the source of much controversy is certainly a matter of public interest and the suppression of that information cannot be justified in law.”

Isn't it great that bloggers can achieve results where the media won't dare or care to tread?  I will be following this to see where it leads. Kudos to Patricia Maloney for her guts and for her political savvy.

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