Monday, July 1, 2013

De-mystifying Morgentaler

This is about time. We don't hear much about abortions gone awry in Canada, probably because they are all paid for by our health care system, many are performed in hospitals, and those involved are all complicit in keeping any bad reports away from the public. If you don't think that is so, then please be aware that the province of Ontario will no longer give out abortion stats to the public. They have placed a gag order on the bureau of statistics.

Donald DeMarco on Morgentaler

What needs to be “demystified,” however, is not the killing of life in the womb, but Henry Morgentaler himself, who is bereft of any claim whatsoever to greatness. When the Crown initially raided Morgentaler’s illegal abortuary, a number of incriminating facts that were later presented as testimony in his trial were discovered: Morgentaler did not give the woman to be aborted any medical check-up or blood test prior to the abortion, and therefore was not certain that she was pregnant. He administered anesthesia without an anesthetist present and did not have resuscitation equipment. He reused inexpensive ($3.30) plastic Vacurettes, contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions. The aborted woman who was in the recovery room at the time of the raid ended up in Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal three days after her abortion, where doctors removed approximately one-third of a six-week fetus; she had cervical cuts and lacerations and infection was setting in.

Here in Halifax, the Morgentaler clinic was run by a doctor who performed abortions on Wednesdays only. One woman  on whom he performed an abortion, was a nurse expecting her fourth child. She was allowed to leave the clinic on her own, and she got into a car crash that left her disabled and no longer able to work at her nursing job.  The case was settled out of court, which is why you never hear about it.

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Dr. Desrosiers stopped doing abortions in Halifax soon after, and the clinic closed because it simply didn't make enough money. At that point, the VG hospital had opened a clinic and was doing abortions five days per week, all paid by taxes.

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