Monday, June 24, 2013

Nancy Pelosi and Croatia

Robert Royal, editor of writes about Nancy Pelosi's defending abortion rights as sacred ground for women, claiming her own experience of having five children gives her this right.

I can't imagine this conversation occurring in Canada, where the unborn are denied their humanity right up until the umbilical cord is cut.

It’s just the facts, ma’am. Denying that a child in the womb is a human being at five or more months is about as obtuse as denying that the earth goes around the sun. If you’re going to get irate, as Pelosi did, about taking away food stamps from poor families with children, how about a little indignation about taking away the very lives of children.
 As that witty gal Flannery O’Connor once put it in the title of one of her stories, “You can’t be any poorer than dead.”

Pelosi doesn't come as very bright in this situation.

It’s curious, but she and a large swath of Catholics, insofar as they think about it – which is admittedly not much or very deep – really think they are the culture of life, much more so than Catholics and others who openly profess their reverence for life from conception to natural death.

To be quite blunt, what they mostly favor is maintaining an unruffled bourgeois life-style for the better off and eliminating troublesome burdens like children for the poor. They’ve talked themselves into this by various rationalizations, but the day is coming when the science won’t allow it any more.

It seems to come back time and again, this idea that behind the pro-abortion push, is something that seems rather racist. From the opening of the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics in poor black and Hispanic neighbourhoods to the UN's pushing women's reproductive rights in the third world, you can't help but see that it is those with darker skin colours who are being targeted. Of course, those with the agenda don't see this as targeting but see it as helping those less fortunate. By limiting their reproduction. Smells offensive to me.

Then Royal describes an encounter with an Croatian at a Human Life conference in Rome. The gentleman
... came up and begin explaining to a small group of us who were continuing the conversation that it’s quite possible not only to teach people the facts about life in the womb, but to convince people to live by those truths. He and his wife had been engaged in pro-life education for years and claim that after Communism fell in the former Yugoslavia, Catholics and others helped reduce abortion from 45,000 annually to 3,500, fewer than a tenth of what they had once been.
Then he took out this coin. And we all kind of gasped in amazement.Description:

It’s a normal 25 kuna coin, minted in 2000 specially for the new millennium, but you can use it as you use any other money to pay for something.  And it’s not merely meant to affirm the child in the womb, but all of humanity, radiating out, as you can see on the coin’s edge, from that beginning.

Just imagine, such things are still possible in the modern world. Sad that self-styled sophisticated San Francisco and power-drunk Washington have lost sight of the fundamentals of respect for human life. And still developing places like Croatia have to preserve those deep human things and remind the rest of the world about them. Because you can say what you will, “And yet, it’s alive.” 
A Galileo Moment for Nancy Pelosi

Abortions reduced by 90% through education. Incredible, and to think that we in the west believe that we can reduce abortions by more sex education. What is needed is the teaching of real science; how about explaining to kids in science that the fetus is a member of the human family?  Unfortunately, the defense of sexual freedom has thrown truth under the bus.

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