Thursday, May 9, 2013

That pesky abortion debate

When a newspaper article gets 1447 comments, I would say that it must have really touched a nerve with the folks.

Stephen Woodworth refuses to pretend abortion is a non-issue

Joyce Arthur, head of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada thinks that it is Mr. Woodworth who doesn't "get" the picture.

“He doesn’t seem to recognize that at all,” said Arthur. “When I bring up women’s rights over and over again, he thinks it’s some sort of sideshow. He doesn’t really get the issue, so what’s the point of talking about it with him?”

Kelly McParland writes a fine article, he is obviously pro-life, but since when does that mean that one is not a logical thinker? It would seem to me that logic is on the side of those who wish to protect life, rather than on the side of those who see the covering of a mother's body as the only difference between life worth protecting and life that can be killed at will.

Kudos to Stephen Woodworth, the Canadian misogynist Member of Parliament. You have the support of many women, who see themselves as participants in the great drama of life, rather than as the protagonists who get to call the shots for others.

And thank you to Kelly McParland, and others at the National Post, who are making public the debate on abortion, even if our Parliament won't. 

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