Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

The other day, while driving, I had the radio on. Usually I listen to talk radio (95.7 FM in Halifax) but the usual discussion of inept city government followed by phone-ins from callers who have nothing better to do, just wasn't the ticket that morning.

So I flipped to the Christian channel  (CJLU - 93.9 FM) and caught an interesting interview on Focus on the Family. The woman being interviewed was Erin Davis, a young mother of two and expecting #3.

She spoke of how she had not wanted to become a mother, but that she had felt called to ministry in her church, particularly youth ministry. Having children, she thought, would interfere with that. So she and her husband gave their lives over to what they felt they were called to do. Until she found out she was pregnant. And then her thinking began to change.

The transformation was gradual but profound. And she now writes about motherhood, about how reading stories, bathing toddlers, wiping noses are now her ministry. Instead of being active in the church, she now barely gets there on time, dragging her little brood behind her.

This all sounds pretty nice, but not very exciting. Until I heard her say that young Christian couples pray about everything, what job to have, where to live, what service to give, but rarely (and she admits she and her husband NEVER) prayed about what children God might want them to have.

This is the one area that so many Christians will not surrender to the Lord. And yet how incredibly important!  How do we know who God wants to bring into the world?  And how can they come here if we don't cooperate?

It is so refreshing to hear this spoken about. Erin said that she has read and reread the Scriptures and she doesn't think that they condemn family planning or contraception but God certainly does consider children a blessing.  And having many children is considered to be God's plan, not just having one or two.

This all ties in with three talks I heard yesterday from Patrick Coffin of
in which he explained the Catholic church's teaching on contraception.  I think Erin would have enjoyed the talks. While I do agree with Patrick that the Scriptures do speak against contraception, I am so glad to know that our brothers and sisters in the evangelical Christian churches are also beginning to question the prosperity Gospel of mom, dad, two kids, nice home and middle class lifestyle. There is so much more for families than what the cultural attitude holds out. 

Erin blogs at

And she wrote a post for Mother's Day on just this topic. It is a good read, especially for young women who wonder about being mothers and might wonder how many babes they should bring into the world.

A Radical Way to Pray for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day especially to my daughters Rebecca and Elena.
I am so glad that you became mothers to Jacob, Hannah, Benjamin, Rhett, Joseph, Jasper, Isaac, Miriam and Sarah. And they are glad too!

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