Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conceived in Rape

Yet still loved. The recent escape of Amanda Berry from a decade-long imprisonment by Ariel Castro reveals the sobering truth:  that a child conceived in rape can still be loved by her mother.  Experts are even saying that it is Amanda's maternal instinct that gave her the will and determination to escape from the boarded-up house she was held in.  She wouldn't let go of her little girl, as she came out. A little girl whose father is the man-turned-monster Ariel Castro. 

One victim of Castro has not said much and speculation abounds as to why she has not contacted family yet. It turns out that Michelle Knight, the first victim to be imprisoned by Castro, was herself the prior victim of a gang rape and she had a child by that rape.  Her son was taken from her when he was two, perhaps because of a custody dispute with her family.

Michelle is now asking to be reunited with her son, who is now thirteen years old.

The power of a mother's love. It makes one question whether abortion is really a solution for a woman who has been raped. These two women's stories show otherwise.

Our learning to understand, as a society, that it is natural for Michelle to desire a relationship with her child conceived in rape is an important part of healing for Michelle and others like her. Women like Michelle fall through the cracks that we fashion with our pickaxes in the law when we say that abortion should be an option for raped women “because it’s natural for a woman not to desire that child.” We have failed as a society to understand that it is natural for Michelle to desire that relationship. Attitudes like this bring about the lack of support that resulted in Michelle’s child being taken from her. It is time for us to heal the cracks that women like Michelle, and their children, fall through – cracks that are made by those who advocate for abortion in cases of rape.  - 

Cleveland victim wants to reunited with son conceived in gang rape

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