Sunday, May 26, 2013

Canada's Abortion Experience

from the Irish Catholic
on Thursday, 23 May 2013
5:00 AM GMT
You cannot turn the clock back once abortion is introduced.
Dear Editor, Regarding Mary Kenny's article ‘What Sweden can teach in the abortion debate’ (IC 2/5/13), I would like to offer what Canada can teach Ireland. I am visiting your fine country from Canada and am very active in Canada's abortion debate there.

In 1988 Canada's abortion law was struck down by our Supreme Court. Before 1988 our law was similar to what Sweden had, i.e. a woman had to go in front of a therapeutic abortion committee of doctors, to get its approval, based on physical or mental well-being of the mother. Since then Canada has never enacted any replacement legislation. This means it is legal for abortions to occur for any reason, for no reason, for the entire nine months of pregnancy. Since Canada has a publicly paid health care system, all abortions are also fully funded by the taxpayer.

Canada has at least 100,000 reported abortions (we know there are more than this number because abortions performed in private physicians’ offices are not reported, and not all clinics report their abortions either) every year in a country of about 35 million. That's a lot of babies killed in order to honour women's so-called ‘reproductive rights’. In Canada there is no such thing as foetal rights.

Abortions are performed in all provinces (except Prince Edward Island) in many hospitals and in free standing clinics all across the country. We have a very vocal and extreme abortion lobby in Canada who continually lobby our Members of Parliament and our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to ensure that any legislation limiting abortion always fails.

If Ireland heads down the same path and allows exceptions for abortions, it is only a matter of time before you may find yourself in the same situation: abortion on demand. Please don't let this happen; it is very difficult to turn the clock back as well known in Canada.

Patricia Maloney
Ottawa, Canada

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