Saturday, April 13, 2013

Media Blackout on Abortion

The picture above, for what it’s worth, is of the reserved media seats at the Gosnell trial. It was taken by JD Mullane, a news writer and columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, The Intel and the Burlington County (NJ) Times. He says:

Sat through a full day of testimony at the Kermitt Gosnell trial today. It is beyond the most morbid Hollywood horror. It will change you.

 I was surprised by the picture and asked “really?” He responded “Local press was there, Inky, PhillyMag, NBC10 blogger. Court staff told me nobody else has shown up.”


When Mollie, the blogger quoted above, asked several reporters why they were not covering the trial, she got the response that it was a "local crime" story. Pointing out the inconsistency of this response, by references to the number of stories written about Todd Akin's unfortunate remark about rape, the number of stories about Sandra Fluke and her push for contraception coverage, the number of stories written about Trayvon Martin (which was also a "local crime" story), Mollie got no response from the reporters she questioned.

The truth of the media blackout on this trial of Kermit Gosnell is that covering the story will only make abortion look as bad as it really is. The details of the trial, including gory details of how Gosnell and his staff snipped the spines of babies born alive, the preservation of feet pickled in glass jars, the storage of fetal body parts in the refrigerator next to staff lunches, the re-use of surgical instruments, the unsanitary conditions of the clinic are enough to make any person puke.

But this is not limited to Gosnell's clinic. Numerous abortion clinics have been closed down in the past few years for just the very reason that they fail to meet the necessary code of the health department. And exposure of Gosnell's method of killing off babies will bring to light the fact that President Obama voted four times against a law that would mandate care for babies who survived abortion.

This story can only hurt the pro-choice position. That is the reason for the media blackout. But truth has a way of getting out, and this trial might be the best advance for the pro-life cause in decades.

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