Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rethaeh Parsons and Feral Kids

Yesterday I heard a segment on talk radio about reaction to Christie Blatchford's article
 Why there may never be a case against the alleged Rethaeh Parsons' rapists.

Blatchford points out that there are two sides to every story, an obvious truth, but one not accepted once a victim has been proclaimed and people are out to get blood.

Rethaeh tried to kill herself a few weeks ago after she could no longer take the name-calling she had to endure, which had been instigated by the publication of a photo of herself being "sexually assaulted" by several boys at a party when she was 15. The photo and story went viral on social media and Rethaeh's mother even moved her to another school in an attempt to close the page on this sad story.

The story is now that Rethaeh sought to press charges soon after the incident but it was found to be without sufficient evidence. The faces in the photo are not clear and it is her word against the "boys".

After her suicide, her mother posted on social media about her death and the cause of it, and a group called Anonymous threatened to "out" the names and faces of the four boys alleged to have gang-raped Rethaeh. Now it comes out that one of the boys spotlighted was not even present at the party where the assault took place; and an independent witness says that Rethaeh was not drunk enough to be such a victim and that her behaviour at the party was rather questionable.

Blatchford simply presents these new pieces of the puzzle and she is being vilified for it. What happened to investigative journalism?  It seems that people have already tried and judged the boys in question, found them guilty, and now want the courts to administer justice, as long as it meets their approval.

I think Blatchford is correct; there won't be a judgment against the boys involved, due to insufficient evidence.

The entire story is incredibly tragic; for Rethaeh who obviously suffered psychological abuse over that year and turned to suicide, for her family who will grieve her loss and will no doubt feel guilt over what has happened, and for the boys who will have to live with that guilt no matter what their part in the incident was. Their lives will be changed forever, for better or for worse.

What no one is talking about is the breakdown of family life that is so often behind such stories. I happened to speak with the aunt of Rethaeh with whom Rethaeh lived, alternating between her house and her mother's house, depending upon her mother's situation. Yes, Rethaeh came from a broken home, and mom had a new "partner". Rethaeh moved between houses, depending upon what? One can only speculate, but I have no doubt that the loss of dad and the new man in the house were large factors in Rethaeh's teen development. It is well documented that girls who live without their biological father are more susceptible to provocative behaviour, seeking out the approval and affirmation that they should be getting from dad, but he is absent.

From my own years as the mother of teen-aged girls, I know that there are situations that would make my hair curl. And I don't even know what close calls they may have had when they went to parties. I am sure that alcohol was involved, it always is.

But it seems that we now have feral kids, rather than emotional teens. The boys in this case seemed to have acted like a pack, rather like the feral cats everyone is trying to control at the Halifax waterfront.

And when it comes to feral animals, we all know that the cause is irresponsibility. And I am not suggesting here that we sterilize our kids in order to prevent more feral kids.

What I am saying is that the attention in this case is focusing on the victim, Rethaeh (Heather spelled backwards if you didn't notice) and the out-of-control teen males who prowl about like wolves on innocent girls. No one is innocent and attention should be focused on the fact that it is family breakdown that brings about these situations in the first place.

There may be no judgment made in the case, as Blatchford writes, but I would hope that people would pay attention to what went wrong long before Rethaeh went to that party and was abused. Attention to what was missing in her own family life and attention to what is missing in the family lives of the boys who ran out of control. 

Until we begin to look at the problem of family breakdown, we are simply putting bandaids on a wound that will not get better.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Live Action's new investigation of abortion

Live Action is digging out the muck on the abortion industry. Gosnell is not the only abortionist who is breaking the rules. Abortion is grisly everywhere.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Heartbeat International and Kermit Gosnell

Yes, this case matters. It matters because our friends and neighbors who have bought into the lie of abortion now have an unprecedented opportunity to see this evil in the light of day.
 Even while we shudder at the appalling reality of abortion as depicted in this case, we also must recognize a window has been opened. A rare moment in history has dawned. Now is our chance to speak up for the precious babies and vulnerable women that Gosnell murdered.
 We invite you to seize this moment by giving to Heartbeat International and our worldwide network of nearly 1,400 life-affirming ministries. These frontline ministries ensure the women near you who are facing an unexpected pregnancy will not have to make the deadly decision to turn to their local Kermit Gosnell.
 You can also seize this moment by helping expose the evil of abortion. Host your friends, neighbors, and church community Sunday, May 5, for Fox News’ special coverage of the Gosnell trial, starting at 9 p.m. (EST).

You can give to Heartbeat International by clicking on the link at the top right of this blog. This organization supports Crisis Pregnancy Centres throughout the US and Canada. Their work is tremendously important because it helps the woman who is in the scary situation of facing a pregnancy without enough support.

Assisted Suicide

A 72 year old Canadian woman, Susan Griffiths, died yesterday in Switzerland because she couldn't have someone help her commit suicide in Canada. She advocated for the legalization of assisted suicide before her death and I am sure that her death will stir up the debate once again.
The Manitoba woman had been suffering for the last two years from a disease called multiple system atrophy, a degenerative and fatal condition with symptoms similar to Parkinson's. Griffiths was losing her ability to control her movements and her bodily functions and was in constant pain.
 In interviews before her death with a number of media outlets, she said she hated the pain and dreaded the prospect of becoming completely dependent on others while she slowly died. 
 Though suicide is not illegal in Canada, helping someone to bring about their own death is. So Griffiths enlisted the help of Dignitas, a non-profit group in Switzerland that offers end-of-life assistance to the terminally ill.

Read more: http://canadaam.ctvnews.ca/assisted-suicide-debate-reignited-with-death-of-canadian-in-switzerland-1.1254921#ixzz2RaLVwtVs

Pro-lifers warned of the slippery slope from abortion to euthanasia years ago. You don't hear much about it now, because the slope is now so obvious.

People have managed to commit suicide in all ages; enlisting the aid of a doctor really isn't necessary. What advocating for doctor-assisted suicide does is seeking to validate one's decision and conferring approval on that act.

This reminds me of the statement that so many make: If you don't approve of abortion, don't have one. But what they leave out, or haven't bothered to think about, is that legislated abortion affects us all in ways not imagined prior to the law. Now, a woman cannot really trust her doctor anymore to be supportive of her pregnancy in all circumstances. I have heard so many young women say that, when they went for a pre-natal appointment, they were offered pre-natal testing (even to one woman who was 23 and having a healthy pregnancy) and one woman was offered  "selective reduction" when her doctor learned that she was having twins and already had one child. "You only want two children, don't you?" is what she was asked.

Not all doctors will refer for abortion, but there are very few who will actually say they won't. Those who do stand on their principles are to be lauded, but they are not making their beliefs public as they once used to. If they do, they are marginalized by the rest of the medical profession.

Imagine if we were to have legalized euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide? Could you really trust your doctor to fight for your life if you were facing a bad prognosis and perhaps a lot of pain and suffering? It would become all too easy to offer the patient an easy way out. After all, it would reduce the burden that the family would have to bear, which is the real crunch when people are facing a drawn-out death. No one wants to burden their children or siblings. Add to that the pressure from a state that is increasingly facing health costs that it can't sustain, and the pressure to end one's life will be immense.

"Hard cases make bad laws", I once heard a member of parliament say. And that is certainly true in the assisted-suicide debate. Change the laws for the sake of a few vocal people who want help to kill themselves, and the unintended consequences will be enormous. So few people bother to think past their own little life; what matters to them is only what will they do when the time comes, how do they deal with brother Harry who has lung cancer, how can they care for aging mother with dementia who refuses to enter a care facility? 

We seem to want to take the easy route on all the hard questions. We have become a very soft generation, unable to do much for each other that calls for anything difficult. No wonder people are showing that they don't even have the guts to do themselves in.

Oddly enough, I googled slang words for suicide and found a website that lists prison slang for common phrases. To commit suicide is called "doing the Dutch" - given the way Holland has led in this area, I guess even inmates recognize this. Not really something to be proud of.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blunt and to the point

Just the way I like it. From the Sultan Knish:
In the urban battlefield of Philly, one of those rough men doing violence on behalf of liberal ideas was a  Thomas Jefferson University grad by the name of Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell was one of those unsung heroes doing the dirty work that allowed the activists putting on another round of the Vagina Monologues sleep safely in their beds at night.

 Margaret Sanger got her start setting up shop in Jewish and Italian neighborhoods because those were the two groups that the upper strata of the day thought were having too many children. Back then it was supposed to be about wives overburdened with too many children. Now it’s about families that never existed where the abortions don’t happen at the clinic, those are just the final expressions of a larger societal abortion that took place when the family died.

 Abortion is the final act of the death of the family. It pretends to solve the problem that arises from the absence of the family. The first abortion kills marriage. The last abortion kills the child that might have come from a marriage that never existed.

 The issue isn’t as simple as Pro-Choice. Abortion is just the conclusion of the sordid package of social liberalism. The package begins with sex ed, complete with the obligatory LGBT mentions, runs through national STD infestations, hookup culture, single parenthood and packs of young men and women recreating the mistakes of the parents they never had and then flushing those mistakes down the toilet before settling down with three kids, by different fathers who are never around, and a package of subsidies from the welfare state administered by social workers who have seen it all.
They are beginning to claim Gosnell’s story already and remake it into another drama about the lack of access. More money must be given to Planned Parenthood so that no Dr. Gosnell’s happen again. Reform and accountability are key. More money must go to groups that promote the lifestyles that lead to abortion and then dispense abortions so that the whole cycle can continue to expand. The babies have to be destroyed to save the next generation of babies from being punished with babies.
Kermit Gosnell is the future. And the future in places like this is ugly and grim. It’s broken families living on social welfare creating more broken families. It’s dead children whose murder churches and synagogues are forced to pay for. It’s living children who grow up hoping to be able to kill. It’s feral packs of lost boys who will never be men and the girls who suddenly become women reading an ad and taking a bus down to 3801 Lancaster Avenue because they’re lonely and afraid and they’re afraid of losing their dreams, even if they don’t know what they are anymore.

Read it all at Violence on their behalf

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Making Sense of the Senseless

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping...I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers - so many caring people in this world."
h/t  Making Sense of the Senseless by Jim Geraghty, National Review 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Gosnell Trial already changing minds

The trial of Dr. Gosnell is a potential time bomb exploding in the conventional liberal narrative on abortion itself.  This is about the A-word.
 No feeling human being can read this story or watch it on TV without being confronted with the obvious conclusion — like it or not — that abortion is murder.
 It may be murder with extenuating circumstances (rape, survival of the mother, etc.) but it is murder nonetheless.  Dr. Gosnell — monster though he is — has accidentally shoved that uncomfortable truth in our faces.
 I can give you two guinea pigs to prove this point — my wife Sheryl and me.  We were in the kitchen last night, preparing dinner, when we saw a short report of this story on the countertop TV.
 Both lifelong “pro-choice” people, after watching only seconds, we embarked in an immediate discussion of whether it was time to reconsider that view.  (Didn’t human life really begin at the moment of conception?  What other time?) Neither of us was comfortable as a “pro-choice” advocate in the face of these horrifying revelations.  How could we be?
PJ Media 

The above was quoted from Robert Simon, a journalist with PJ Media. Strongly pro-choice, he is now reconsidering that position. And that is evidence that this trial is indeed challenging people with the truth.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Word Games of Pro-Choice

A brilliant piece by Andrew McCarthy describing how we got from manipulation of language to the horror of Kermit Gosnell's abortuary.

Dehumanizing Word Games by Andrew C. McCarthy

Gosnell is a 72-year-old abortionist. The formal charges against him — the murders of a woman and seven babies — are but drops in a sea of carnage. Mounting evidence reveals him to be a mass murderer of epic scale and Mengele methods. It also spotlights the evil — the apparently unspeakable evil — of legalized abortion in all its coarsening gore. Plainly, the vaunted journalists of our debased mainstream have determined that there must be no meaningful coverage. No time in the 24/7 cycle to notice the inexorable path from dehumanizing the vulnerable through word games to mass-murdering them with casual sadism.
This trial is going to do more to expose the logic of the pro-choice position than anything else pro-lifers can think up. It will force people, who have previously avoided the reality of abortion, to see its grisly face. That "fetus" is actually a baby; that "clump of cells" actually is alive; that "product of conception" feels pain when its life is terminated.

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Media Blackout on Abortion

The picture above, for what it’s worth, is of the reserved media seats at the Gosnell trial. It was taken by JD Mullane, a news writer and columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times, The Intel and the Burlington County (NJ) Times. He says:

Sat through a full day of testimony at the Kermitt Gosnell trial today. It is beyond the most morbid Hollywood horror. It will change you.

 I was surprised by the picture and asked “really?” He responded “Local press was there, Inky, PhillyMag, NBC10 blogger. Court staff told me nobody else has shown up.”

-   www.patheos.com

When Mollie, the blogger quoted above, asked several reporters why they were not covering the trial, she got the response that it was a "local crime" story. Pointing out the inconsistency of this response, by references to the number of stories written about Todd Akin's unfortunate remark about rape, the number of stories about Sandra Fluke and her push for contraception coverage, the number of stories written about Trayvon Martin (which was also a "local crime" story), Mollie got no response from the reporters she questioned.

The truth of the media blackout on this trial of Kermit Gosnell is that covering the story will only make abortion look as bad as it really is. The details of the trial, including gory details of how Gosnell and his staff snipped the spines of babies born alive, the preservation of feet pickled in glass jars, the storage of fetal body parts in the refrigerator next to staff lunches, the re-use of surgical instruments, the unsanitary conditions of the clinic are enough to make any person puke.

But this is not limited to Gosnell's clinic. Numerous abortion clinics have been closed down in the past few years for just the very reason that they fail to meet the necessary code of the health department. And exposure of Gosnell's method of killing off babies will bring to light the fact that President Obama voted four times against a law that would mandate care for babies who survived abortion.

This story can only hurt the pro-choice position. That is the reason for the media blackout. But truth has a way of getting out, and this trial might be the best advance for the pro-life cause in decades.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Silence on Gosnell continues

Calling Gosnell a “mass murderer” for completing abortions outside the uterus brings them too close to pro-lifers who call abortionists mass murderers for completing abortions just a few inches the other way.

Yes, geography is an added problem for abortion supporters in this case. Being argued during the Gosnell trial is whether babies were legally aborted inside the uterus, or illegally murdered outside – and likely within a 30-second window of time. This sort of conversation makes the other side run.

And it leads to other uncomfortable conversations on pain and viability. What does it mean if a post-born baby “jumps” when her spinal cord is severed? Do we seriously want to argue this same baby would have not felt her arms and legs being ripped off in a different location a few minutes earlier? And are we all really okay with aborting babies who could survive outside the uterus if just given a chance?  -  www.jillstanek.com

Only one mainstream media outlet has reported anything about the ongoing trial of Kermit Gosnell, who is on trial for the murder of seven babies and one woman who died during an abortion. Fox News has reported numerous times about this case.

But, as feminist and liberal journalist Kirsten Powers says:

You don’t have to oppose abortion rights to find late-term abortion abhorrent or to find the Gosnell trial eminently newsworthy. This is not about being “pro-choice” or “pro-life.” It’s about basic human rights.The deafening silence of too much of the media, once a force for justice in America, is a disgrace.  -  USA Today

Monday, April 8, 2013

Leaving the Abortion Industry

Today, April 8, is Exodus 2013 day. Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood director in Bryan/College Station Texas leads the appeal to abortion workers who want to find a way out of that industry. Already 47 clinic workers have left their jobs, with the help of Abby's ministry ATTWN (And Then There Were None).

Abby's thinking is that abortion will end if there are no more people willing to do abortions. As a woman who counselled thousands of women to abort their babies, Abby is now a pro-life advocate for the unborn. Her principal outreach is to her colleagues who continue to work in the abortion trade and she offers them help to leave.

ATTWN doesn't just encourage people to leave these jobs. They provide financial aid, counselling to find other work, and legal counsel if required while making the transition from this line of work to another job. Abby knows that this is necessary since she herself was sued by Planned Parenthood as they attempted to put a "gag order" on her, so that she would not disclose any of what she knew about the inside workings of an abortion clinic.

More power to her and may this ministry be blessed. As one sign says You didn't grow up wanting to work in an abortion clinic. I am sure there are hundreds of women who would gladly leave their jobs in abortion clinics if they could find a way to do so. 

Jill Stanek

Sunday, April 7, 2013

We don't need China's One-Child Policy

We have Bill and Melinda Gates! 

From The Ambitions of Bill and Melinda Gates, in Crisis Magazine

The very rich and philanthropic couple have succeeded in transforming American education with their Common Core, a standardized school curriculum. School curriculums are supposed to be set state by state by educational professionals in conjunction with elected representatives. However the Gates have managed to inject their educational ideas into the system, bypassing protocol. There is nothing that a lot of money can't do.

The Gates' support for population control is well known. Advocating for access to contraception and abortion are mainstays of Melinda Gates' daily activities. Even though she professes to be a practising Catholic, she sees no conflict between her political activities and her faith.

America doesn't need a one-child policy such as China has. People like Bill and Melinda Gates, with their influence upon the political and educational systems, are achieving the exact same effect as China - negative population growth.

Bill and Melinda Gates truly believe that population control is key to the future.  Plans are already in place to track births and vaccinations through cell phone technology to register every birth on the planet.  Gates claims that the GPS technology would enable officials to track and “remind” parents who do not bring their children in for vaccines.   Maintaining that vaccination is key to reducing population growth, Gates predicts that if child mortality can be reduced, parents will have fewer children, following the example of the urbanized West where birth rates have dropped to below replacement levels: “The fact is that within a decade of improving health outcomes, parents decide to have fewer children.”   For Gates, “there is no such thing as a healthy, high population growth country.  If you’re healthy, you’re low-population growth… As the world grows from 6 billion to 9 billion, all of that population growth is in urban slums…It’s a very interesting problem.”

The sad thing is that they actually believe that economic growth is dependent upon small population growth, something that history does not bear out to be true.