Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time for a Legal Defense Fund

John Pacheco of SoCon or Bust has set up a donation link on his website.  This is for legal defense costs for the pro-lifer in Ottawa who was recently given two tickets by Ottawa police, amounting to about $200 in fines. The reason for these tickets? he was peacefully demonstrating outside the Morgentaler abortion clinic on Bank Street, well within his legal rights, his phone was taken by police and all files erased, and he was charged with causing a disturbance.  The only disturbance was caused by the policeman overstepping his authority and harassing this man.

Cyril Winter has consulted a lawyer and is charging the police with assault. This case may escalate easily and Mr. Winter will require help with his legal costs.

As John Pacheco says:
Well, it’s started, folks.  We knew it would. We need to resist this with everything we’ve got or we can expect our democratic rights of protest and prayer will be stripped away, little-by-little.  If we let this go, it will be that much harder to regain our footing. This needs to be nailed where it stands. This intimidation needs to be confronted, head-on.

If you can spare any money for this fund, please donate. Here is the link on Pacheco's website.

So Con or Bust

As well, Brian Lilley of Sun News, has been on this issue and he has written about it here.

Lilley's Pad

Michael Coren also interviewed one of the men involved in the dispute and this video is a followup to that interview.

Michael Coren and Ottawa police intimidation

If it weren't for LifeSiteNews and SunNews, we would know nothing of this trampling of civil liberties.

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