Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christian beliefs collide with society

Miller, however, sees his actions differently. "I was faced with a woman in distress who needed help to protect her daughter from what seemed to be an inhumane court decree," he told the court in a letter.

"If it is true that my actions flow out of my faith in Jesus, and from my deeply held moral believes — and I sincerely think they do — then it must follow that whatever judgment is being brought against me by the United States of America, is judgment on my faith and conscience and deeply held moral beliefs."


A Mennonite pastor who helped Lisa Miller leave the US, after a judge ruled she had to allow visiting rights to her former lesbian partner, has been found guilty of breaking the law and is awaiting his sentence. An appeal has been filed, which may buy some time; the pastor returned to his family after spending three weeks in jail. Lisa Miller is somewhere outside the US, with her whereabouts kept secret. Lisa is the biological mother of the child, but her lesbian partner is not related in any way to the child and did not adopt her. One has to wonder what claim she could possibly have over this child.

Miller is concerned for her child's mental safety as visits with the former partner left the child scared and unwilling to return.

We should keep this pastor's statement handy as we may need to use it ourselves, as our society becomes more and more unfriendly toward Christian values and beliefs.

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