Friday, February 22, 2013

O'Reilly on Abortion

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to change the abortion laws in NY state, so that there are no limits on abortion. Any time for any reason, "it's her body, it's her choice" he chanted. Bill O'Reilly says that Cuomo is worshipping at the altar of reproductive rights.

It would seem that Bill O'Reilly isn't aware of the position in Canada on late-term abortions. Here, any reason for any abortion at any time is okay.  At least, outrage is expressed in the US on this topic; in Canada, more of the usual - SILENCE.

The very least that should happen is that Archbishop Timothy Dolan should excommunicate Andrew Cuomo. There is plenty of grounds to do this; he is living with his girlfriend and receiving communion and he is completely pro-abortion. Excommunication would at least send a message to New York Catholics that this is simply unacceptable.

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