Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nuns who don't get it

CBC radio did an interview with Sister  Donna Brady of the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish NS and with Fr. James Mallon, pastor St. Benedict's parish in Halifax NS. 

I can only shake my head as Sister failed to grasp the significance of Pope Benedict XVI's papacy, the significance of any papacy for that matter. She praised Benedict for "environmentalism" and for reducing the Vatican's carbon foot print. 

Father James, on the other hand, spoke of the Pope's intellectual gifts. When asked about questions that would face the next pope, such as contraception and AIDS in Africa, abortion and women, Father James responded that people are surprised to find that the Pope is a Catholic. The interviewer, Don Connolly, simply didn't get it.

Smart answer Father James, I wish Don had given you the time to explain what you meant, but he gave the last 30 seconds to the nun who is part of a dying order. And her closing words were that there will not be one woman who gets to vote for the next pope. She doesn't get it either. 


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